Manga Review: Inside Mari

So, I know it’s been a little while, but here’s the review I promised for Inside Mari.

First off, disclaimer: while Inside Mari is one of the best introspective manga I have read in a long time, it has a fair amount of explicit adult content.  It isn’t a true hentai, but there is talk about sex, sexual acts, and related depictions.  Honestly, it is pretty artistic in my opinion, but wanted to put that out there before anyone picks up the manga and then gets surprised.  In addition, this is going to have at least some spoilers.  If you want the spoiler free version, know that it is a deep manga about a guy who ends up in a girl’s body and the antics thereof.  For the rest of you, read on ahead!

In the beginning, we are introduced to the main character and his everyday life, a NEET who has taken to stalking this one girl each night.  Pretty pathetic (even the manga says so now and then) but then something magical happens when she one day turns and faces him.  Suddenly, the main character wakes up and finds that he isn’t in his bed, or his body.  Instead, he now IS Mari.

The manga continues as he deals with this sudden change, and it is as comical as it is deep and intriguing.  I particularly liked that it was something more than the usual juvenile reaction a situation often inspires in manga and anime, but instead goes into the personal horror and differences caused.  There is some mild humor, but really, it is a moment of shock and panic more than anything else.

Personally, I think that this and the next few chapters are the strongest part of the manga so far.  It does such a good job of drawing you in that it is both what prompted me to write this review in the first place, and what kept me from releasing it for so long.  That said, the story has progressed from there, and there are some bumps but I’m hopeful that it is going back on track and better than before.

I don’t want to ruin some of those bumps though, but in brief, our main character meets up with another stalker of Mari’s as well as his old self and the three begin to work on solving the issue of what happened.  This causes hijinks, of which we are only just now getting beyond in the manga.  I won’t lie, the twist might lose you, my dear reads, I know it nearly did me, but so far it looks like it is getting much better from there, so let’s remain hopeful and I’ll be back for a part two later, I’m sure.

Ja ne!

The Ranting Loon

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