So, today I was trolling about the internet as I often do.  I’d called in sick from work because I have two days left to pack up an entire house to move to my temporary home while I await the HOA approval for my new place, and like always, I’d waited until the last minute to do the bulk of it.  So, work called, I claimed to have the flu (don’t tell me you haven’t done something similar at least once), I then got right to work, right?

Obviously you don’t know me very well if you thought that.  Instead, I played a new game I’d picked up after some very heavy ads from J-List (I’ll post a review of it eventually…yes, this is an ironic statement).  Then I went to Best Buy, because my Surface 2’s touch screen was no longer functioning and my cell phone got washed while I was up north to see the family.  Both have Black Tie protection (expect a rant about that in the near future too) and that of course took longer than expected.  Fortunately, my phone randomly decided to start working again (for now) and while it isn’t 100% due to a new and random problem with the speakers, it’s better than nothing until I can get the replacement sent in.

But all that circles back to the whole point of this post: procrastination.  Even as a write this, I still haven’t finished packing (though I have done several boxes since I got home).  Instead, I’ve done a bit of packing, watched some episodes of Game Theory on YouTube and then ran into one of the blog-help video series that I am starting to listen to as well, Social Triggers (video here).

It made me think about myself and my chosen lifestyle.  I say chosen because, as much as no one wants to admit to being lazy or a procrastinator, particularly by choice, let’s be honest, it is a choice.  No one tied me to my computer, or forced me out of the door, or kept me from putting things into a box.  Instead, I chose to do other things with my time instead of packing.  Over the last several days, I also chose to do other things (like hanging out with the family) instead of posting to this very blog.  The video doesn’t really get into it, but I find that taking agency (“I chose” instead of “it happened”) is a pretty powerful  concept, though technically tangential to this.  Choosing means that I am the cause, and thus I have the ability to change.  Being subjected to a thing instead means that it is happenstance, and thus nothing I can do will change the situation in the future.

Anyway, the big point of this is the further realization that I procrastinate, a lot.  But with the video above, I’ve been handed a tool to fight this cycle.  So, tonight, before I go to bed, I’ll have the majority, if not everything, packed.  Before I go to bed tonight, I’ll get the art and video game areas packed in particular, because I know I’ve been holding them off for the very reason why they must go: because I want to choose them over moving.  And when the next rental family comes in in just a few days, it would be rather awkward to still have my food in the fridge and my clothes in the drawers otherwise.

Before I go to bed, I’m going to finish this post so I can start doing the rest of my list.  What do you intend to do before bed?  Be sure to let me know in the comments or on Twitter.  Let’s make this thing viral!

Ja ne!

The Ranting Loon

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