Fly High! manga review

So, today we’re taking a break from anime as I work through a backlog of episodes.  Instead, we’re going to talk about a manga I just finished called Fly High! written by Natsumi  Oouchi.

First off, it is a fairly short story, only 13 chapters and one (hilarious) bonus chapter.  But the story doesn’t need anymore more than that.  The pacing is excellent, the characters are generally wonderful and the art is beautiful, there really isn’t much more that I could say about it but that if you like your Shoujo manga with just a pinch of action and a lot of comedy, you should check this one out.

The basic story is that Meru Tachibana is a twelve year old girl who had just finished spending more than half her life training on a mountain with her martial artist father, who thought she was a boy for…reasons.  Because of this, she is an extremely capable fighter, with superhuman strength (she’s described as being able to lift a truck even), agility and speed.  She’s also an airhead, unfortunately.  Her mom tells her to keep her strength under her hat though, because it might put other people off to have a beautiful bombshell that can also put the entire school in traction if she had to.  So she decides to try and be a normal girl, of course, that’s before Plot Happens.

Having just returned to the city and being 12, she is enrolled in her new school which has been taken over by a gang of four troublemakers.  These troublemakers have vowed to topple the school’s Student Council system, citing that it is more powerful than is reasonable, and just generally not caring about following rules.  Meru sees this, and being a strong champion of Justice and all things good, decides to take the thugs down.  Unfortunately, she can’t just beat them up for fear of being called a monster, so she does the next best thing: runs for the vacant spot of Student Council President.

She’s given the victory almost literally because plot needs to move forward (the actual reason being kinda funny, actually, the whole manga is fairly tongue in cheek about things), which means that now the gang has to take her down.  I won’t spoil the rest, but where it goes from there is pretty interesting, and I know that I had to will myself away from each chapter when I reached the end.

It is, ultimately, a Shoujo, so the ending itself is pretty syrupy, but a nice happy ending now and then is good for the soul.  All in all, a cute little slice of life that I highly recommend.

Ja ne!

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