You Will Fail

Like me, you will fail.  It is natural, human even.  But do not let that failure fester in you, just get back up, brush it off and try again.  The secret to success is to give yourself the correct attitude, if you fail 99 times, but finally nail it that one time, it was all worth it, don’t you agree?

I’ve done a lot of study in psychology, neurolinguistic programing, self-help, etc, and it all always comes down to this fact: you will fail, the trick is what you do with that.  The truly successful take the moment to see why they failed and then discard that failure as a failure, instead simply recording it as how not to do your goal.  Thomas Edison, for instance, is credited with saying that he didn’t fail thousands of times when inventing the lightbulb, instead, he merely found 10,000 ways not to make one!

Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from trying, or you will never do anything.  Instead, accept that failure is inevitable on the path to success and press ever on!  You’ve failed thousands, maybe even millions, of times already in your life and you’re still here, safe and sane.  How bad could it be to fail another time or two?  Do you remember your failures from learning how to bike, drive, talk, etc?  Or instead do you remember the sweet success from when you finally took the training wheels off, or got your license, or gave that speech?  I know which I remember.

So, how many times will you fail today?

Ja ne!

The Ranting Loon

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